Brazilians invest in Chilean Recycling  firm

Brazil has placed his eyes in Chile. Investment firm MOV Investimentos, linked to the businessmen of the South American giant Luiz Seabra, Guilherme Leal and Pedro Passos, decided to allocate resources to the Chilean company TriCiclos.

The trio of entrepreneurs with interest in matters of sustainable development, seek to provide solutions to the problems of waste with a positive social, environmental and economic impact. Precisely, TriCiclos is a B Corporation, the first to receive certification in Latin America which occurred at the beginning of 2012. This will be useful to start their internationalization from Brazil.

Founded in May 2009, works to draw attention to the environmental impact of each person in the community, and aims to generate innovative solutions to facilitate behavioral changes towards a more sustainable life. One of the key areas through which has addressed this challenge has been the recycling of household waste. For this, they implemented a network of recycling centers in which 20 different materials can be recycled. It is innovative educational spaces, where we take care of recycling our waste impact, transforming it into raw material to be used by manufacturers again.

(Source: Diario Financiero, TriCiclos)



Chilean App has saved 54.6 liters of gasoline.

Ecologic  application created 100% in Chile, has already over 10,000 users that in under a year have managed to recycle over 14 tonnes of waste, among other sustainable milestones.

Chilean allGreenup application has achieved, in just 8 months of life, to gather a community of over 10 thousand people concerned about the environment that have decided to take sustainable actions to include in their daily routine.

allGreenup helps users to measure their environmental impact and motivates them by earning points for recycling, riding bikes, running, car pooling and reading green tips. These points can be exchanged for prizes such as movie tickets, theater tickets and snow lift tickets. They can also get discounts at more than 50 stores in sustainable products and even donate points to plant trees in Patagonia.

Reducing by more than 45 tonnes CO2 in the world, among the entire community has recycled more than 14 tons of waste , which has bring as a result saving more than 40 trees from being cut for paper have been among the positive effects that this green community of allGreenup has had on the environment and the planet.

Thanks to data synchronization with RunKeeper app and Aventones app, allGreenup community has achieved, for example, that 54.6 liters of gasoline have been saved by the mere fact of carpooling.

The scope and success of the implementation in Chile has been instrumental in the expansion of this project to Argentina and Mexico. Is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile devices, thus further enhancing the great community and keep adding little things that count for environmental conservation and preservation of the environment today.

The more than 100 thousand sustainable actions that users of this application have been reinforcing the main idea of these entrepreneurs “every action counts.”

(Source: Terra)