Responsability Bill

Helping you through the Implementation of Extended Producer Responsability Bill

Recycling Bill, was first admitted on September 10th, 2013 by the Executive into the  Congress and aims to implement in Chile new policies recycling through the concept of  “the polluter pays”.

The basis of this project is in the Extended Producer Responsibility, which in the case of packaged products, means that the manufacturer of these products must take care of the waste generated – that is,  post-consumer packaging – once the lifespan of the product  is over. This law is driven by  ecodesign;  and incentivates recycling and recovery when the products can no longer be use; in that way formalizing the recycling market.

Recycling is a growing interest in Chile and the country awaits for new ideas, innovation and products to help with the implementation of this Law. That’s were we come in!


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